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This fall ( 2017) we are offering a large selection  of 4 inch liners. We have greatly increased the number of available varieties from previous years. The azalea groups available this year are Backacres, Gartrell (Numbered, not named, and nice),Girard, Glenn Dale, Holly Springs, Huang, Indica, Kurume, Linwood Hardy, North Tisbury, Robert Stewart, Robin Hill, and Japanese Satsukis.

We are offering these for sale at $3.25 each.If you are a collector or just an enthusiast, you might find something that strikes your fancy.

Our plant listing constantly changes so send us an email to get an up-to-date listing

Please contact me via email at     ronnie.palmer88@yahoo.com

Payment can be made by check or money order. Make the check payable to Azalea Hill Gardens & Nursery. Sorry, no credit cards. We are a little old fashioned. After shipment you will be billed for shipping at our cost. There will be no packing charges for now.

We have found that the postal service "Flat rate boxes" are an efficient and quick way of shipping plants, The large flat rate box holds 18 plants  and the shipping cost is $18.90.The medium flat rate box holds 12 plants and costs $13.45. If another service is preferred, let us know which one.