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Holly Springs Azaleas

These plants were hybridized by Mr. Pete Vines.

The pictures are courtesy of Carolyn Beck and Joe Coleman

Afternoon Delight


Curtain Call

Dawn Elizabeth



Irish Creme

Lady Godiva

Morgan Ann

Peggy Vines

Purple Magic

Ron Vines Jr.

Shanghai Suzie


The Huang azaleas were hybridized in China. They seem to be similar to the Kurunes.

The late blooming plants are like the Satsukis.

Hu 1-3-71

Hu 1-5-61

Hu 2-5-71

Hu 1-3-72

Hu 1-5-12

Hu 1-6-61

Hu 1-6-72

Hu 2-2-11

Hu 2-5-44

Hu 2-5-67

Hu 1-2-61